“Wake Up” lip oil potion
“Wake Up” lip oil potion
“Wake Up” lip oil potion
“Wake Up” lip oil potion

“Wake Up” lip oil potion

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“WAKE UP” (and smell the coffee....)
Lip oil potions!

Lip oil will “wake up” your pout with a slight sensation and a little extra morning flavor...

Lips stay shiny and conditioned for hours..

**note; I like to use it as part of my morning routine, as oil also helps exfoliate, in a less abrasive way than many scrubs.... (don’t get me wrong, I love a good lip scrub also lol)

Upon application these “colors” appear virtually clear! The hint of color left behind is nothing like what it looks like in the tube!

With these it’s all about your preference of flavor!

From left to right;
(darkest to lightest...)
3. Patisserie
4. Fresh mint
5. Vanilla (has a shimmer)

(Mix your oils for fun)
Mocha and mint; tastes like mint chocolate!
Cafe and Vanilla; tastes like Vanilla Coffee!
Cafe and patisserie; tastes like coffee and donuts!

Enjoy like your morning cup of coffee...
(Can also be used any other time of day lol)

**note; This idea was born out of the 8:30 am weekly, Monday, Facebook chats and the “wake up and make up” group! Feel free and join The group we have a lot of fun! ☕️