Party Crasher Mascara
Party Crasher Mascara
Party Crasher Mascara
Party Crasher Mascara

Party Crasher Mascara

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Nourishing, conditioning mascara, tinting lashes in a coat of the blackest black... 

this mascara will never crack and break, and keeps your lashes healthy prompting growth! 

Soft enough to wear with lash extensions just to add subtle enhancement! 

Created for the MOST sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers! 

If you have NEVER been able to wear mascara, this one is for you!!!! 

 This is not a thick mascara, not meant for extreme length! This is an enhancement mascara for sensitive eyes, or lash extension wearers! 

*I created this mascara for myself, I hate the feel of mascara, and it always makes my eyes itch! I have blonde lashes so I just want them to look enhanced with color, not clumps or fibers! I have zero interest in putting hair color on my lashes to tint them, and I love lash extensions just struggle to keep up with them, and always wanted to enhance them with mascara and couldn’t! 

This mascara solves all my problems, so you may like it too... 

It’s a fantastic base mascara for all my mascara layering friends out there lol...