“I’m not for Everyone” (products inside vary, the value never does!!!)

“I’m not for Everyone” (products inside vary, the value never does!!!)

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This is the “wake up and makeup” Monday am “coffee clutch” BOX!!!! 

The products inside vary, but the value never does... shown items are not indicative of what you will recieve, this box will overflow lol!!!! 

its name is relevant because this box will be slightly irreverent, while also being filled with incredible boutique brand products and surprises along the way!!!! 

This FUN Gift Worthy, mystery box is from the mind of a an esthetician, makeup and product enthusiast as well as a makeup artist, with a lot of personality!!! 

the monday am personality will be front and center... making this a PG-13 experience lol!!! 

there may be adult humor, including words inappropriate for children!!!! 

with that said, if this is successful, I will be curating a children’s box... completely G rated! Lol..... 

I have spent months studying other box programs, their pricing and what is the value and/or useable inside!!!

I have priced this accordingly with the quality, experience  and enjoying its contents! 

Every product is tried, tested and approved before inclusion, and you’re in for some fun and awesome presents for yourself (or others)